Betsy McDargh

"It is our intent to build long-term relationships with our clients and steadily raise our standard of excellence as we continue to exceed expectations."
- Betsy McDargh, President

McDargh Consulting supports the investigation of commercial real estate assets and properties reinforcing many segments of the commercial real estate industry.

Headquartered in Tampa, FL the company was founded by Betsy McDargh in 1989, as a result of requests made to assist in analyzing collateral held within the complex issues of the Savings and Loan Crisis. McDargh Real Estate Services Inc (later known as McDargh Consulting) performed due diligence and great numbers of site inspections of commercial real estate at the time. Subsequently the McDargh Team became involved early in the evolution of the Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities (CMBS) starting in the mid-1990s.

Now in the throes of today’s next generation of real estate crisis, McDargh Consulting stands stalwart and prepared with experience, a well established team, and time-tested best practices and procedures ready to assist in your analysis of Distressed Assets located throughout the United States.

With a modern approach to the fast paced electronic systems and requirements of today, McDargh has maintained the confidence of many of today’s outstanding commercial real estate and financial entities.

Through the team effort of the mature office staff of Quality Assurance specialists working with our many field consultants, McDargh has a proven track record of providing meaningful and thorough reporting to satisfied clients. The success of the firm is attributed to setting the highest standards and then further exceeding the expectations of the client.

We would be proud to provide services to meet your requirements and look forward to hearing from you.