McDargh Consulting is recognized throughout the commercial real estate industry for consistent delivery of insightful, results-oriented consulting services of all commercial property types. As commercial property consultants, we know that the purchase, lease, or investment in commercial real estate is an enormous undertaking, entailing inherent market and financial risks that go along with the potential for reward. Conducting due diligence on the property is a critical step to minimize those risks and help you make a sound decision. Selecting the right real estate consultant is just as critical; discover the benefits of choosing McDargh:

  • Experience:
22+ consistent years of excellent commercial real estate due diligence performance
  • Independence:
Unbiased, third party reporting
  • Stability:
Proven best practices ensure long-term experience in the changing commercial real estate and volatile business environments
  • Coverage:
National network of thousands of approved field consultants in all fifty states
  • Depth:
Long standing in-house Quality Assurance and Administrative staff
  • Scope:
Standard practice of literally all commercial real estate types
  • Format:
Industry standard or custom-created to meet Client needs
  • Delivery:
Prompt electronic delivery
  • Scalability:
One asset or portfolio of assets
  • Relationship:
Availability to accomplish long term or repeat observation of assets
  • Flexibility:
Standard practice to locate assets in remote and hard to find locations
  • Diversity:
Certified 100% Woman Owned Business

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